How to get rid of unwanted hair with easy and natural way

Human beings are mammals, and one distinguishing feature of mammals is that they have hairs on their body. However, humans have little hair compared to other primates on their bodies.

Hair has been considered one of the aspects of beauty especially for women since time immemorial. Actually in some cultures, the beauty of a woman lies more on their hair than any other body part.

It performs other critical functions in the body mostly based on its location. Despite hair being part of us, an excess of it can be annoying. Excessive hair growth on the body of some individuals has eaten on their ego and has been a cause for embarrassment.

It is, therefore, necessary to find ways on how to get rid of the hair to maintain the beauty and regain the lost confidence.

Types of hairs

Scientifically, hair can be categorized depending on the part of the body where it is found. The most common is the head hairs and other fine hairs that coat various parts of the body such as the legs, arms, faces, the chest and the back.

Pubic hair is as a result hormones that mostly grow when one attains puberty in all genders. Other axillary hair such as the facial hair grown by men as a result of testosterone production.

The amount of hair on one’s body varies and is dependent on such factors such as the age, race and the genetic makeup of an individual.

Functions of different types of hair

The location of hairs in the body defines their role. Head hair is crucial in protecting the scalp from excessive sunburn and also helps in regulation of body temperature.

Hairs in the nostrils assist in trapping dust and other particles that may find their way into the body. Eyelashes and eyebrows protect foreign matter from entering the eyes.

Human hair is also an important part of the nervous system by acting as sensors.

Causes of excessive hair growth

  • Excessive androgen production can cause the growth of facial hair in women.
  • Insulin resistance can also result in excessive hair growth.
  • Tumor growth in adrenal glands.
  • Obesity can also result to excessive body hair.
  • Excessive stress that results in the production of stress hormones.

How to get rid of unwanted hairHow to get rid excessive body hair

· Hair tweezing: it is considered one of the cheapest methods of hair removal. It is more appropriate for the excessive growth of eyebrows, and one can alter their shape to allow for their growth.

The main problem with tweezing is that it can result to scar tissue and sometimes cause the hair to grow denser and coarser.

· Shaving: Shaving is considered one of the best ways to get rid of the unwanted hair without stimulating the hair roots. Several devices are designed to achieve this, and the effectiveness of each of them is dependent on their model and manufacturer.

· Waxing: this is considered to be the large scale tweezing. Waxed hair takes longer to grow than the shaved and tweezed hair. In areas with non-hormonal stimulated hairs, they grow back finer and take quite some time to grow.

However, just like in tweezing, waxing can stimulate the hair roots and follicles especially on the chin, abdomen, upper lip and the breast.

· Threading: Threading has been practiced for a long time and is familiar with Indians and the people of Middle East. It is a slight variation of tweezing that utilizes threads to remove hair on the skin surface. It has the same effects as tweezing.

· Sugaring: it has the same results as waxing though it doesn’t utilize as much heat as waxing. The results are not very appealing, and most people despise this method.

· Laser treatment: the success of laser treatment is dependent on various factors such as the skin color and hair color and type. It is quite costly to perform and should only be performed by experienced medical practitioners to avoid complications.

· Electrolysis: this is the only proven technique that can remove the unwanted hair permanently from the body. The process is quite tedious and requires some perseverance and patience.

Electrolysis works by destroying the hair growth cells within the follicle hence permanently stopping the hair from ever growing.

· Hair removal creams: these creams are considered as chemical shaves. They get rid of the surface hair but have little effect on the hair follicles and hair growth cells.